Draft JCAMP-DX Protocols


Most Recent Changes

The drafts for NMR Pulse Sequences and Ion Mobility Spectrometry have been removed as these are now pubished IUPAC recommendations and can been found under protocols.

An updated draft is available for comment on EMR/EPR/ESR spectrometry and a new draft is available for the LC/MSn technique.

Generic 6.0
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Generic protocol on which the JCAMP-DX for mass spectrometry and JCAMP-DX for NMR are based. The basis for future standards. Aimed to include multidimensional data sets. Very much an alpha draft being finalized by the Working Party open for comment
nD-NMR Protocol Protocol to cover multidimensional NMR data files as FID's or spectra. Data Dictionary finalised.
EMR/EPR/ESR Protocol to cover Electron Magnetic Resonance data files. Final Draft Complete 15 June 2005
Chromatography and MS Hyphenated Techniques IUPAC Technical Note on the use of JCAMP-DX for the storage and exchange of Chromatography and MS Hyphenated method data sets. Final Draft Complete 15 June 2005

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