Limited Term Task Group on
Electron Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data



Following pressure over several years a new limited term task group was proposed for electron paramagnetic data. The limited term task group proposal was positively accepted by the CPEP during the IUPAC general assembly in Berlin Germany August 1999. The request for funding was made to the IUPAC projects committee and the agreement was made in 2001. 
This action started in January 2002. 

Task Group Members

The limited term task group is staffed by Richard Cammack, Yang Fann, John Maher, Peter McIntyre, and Reef Morse and is led by long-term JCAMP-DX expert Robert Lancashire with additional input from academia and industry.

Draft for final review

The final draft is currently available for review here EMRdraft5.pdf (273.624 bytes).


Testfiles will be made available here shortly.


In order to ensure the widest distribution of information the task group has been attending major international conferences in this field. Please feel free to contact them at any time in the run-up to publication.

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