JCAMP-DX Subcommittee of the International Society of Ion Mobility Spectrometry



Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) is a exciting new field of analytical spectroscopy where rapid instrumental development needs to be supported by the ability to swap and compare experimental data. 

The International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometery (ISIMS) was set up in 1998 and one of the first projects acted upon was to start development on the JCAMP-DX standard for Ion Mobility Spectrometry. There was extensive discussion within the organisation reflected in several discussion publications on the JCAMP-DX draft standard:

  • Int. J. for Ion Mobilty Spectrometry 1(1) 64-67 ,1998.
    ijims-1999.pdf (22574 Bytes).

  • Finalisation of a IUPAC/JCAMP-DX data transfer standard for ion mobility spectrometry data
    Int. J. for Ion Mobility Spectrometry 4(1) 84-108, 2001

  • Reporting Ion Mobility Spectrometry Data and the IUPAC/JCAMP-DX International Data Standard
    Int. J. for Ion Mobility Spectrometry 5 (1) (2002) 47-50

The final protocol is now available as a full IUPAC recommendation.


Test Files

The following testfiles have been made available:

ims_test1.dx (7,517 bytes)

imsdemo.dx (5,274 bytes)

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